Biggy237 concept


The just launched Biggy237 contest started with the application process in october 2019. ➡We received 853 Applications from Cameroonians at home and abroad. ➡Total number selected 61.Female:33Male:28 The Biggy237 contest is in two phases. ➡PHASE ONEThis phase is out of house with all selected contestants. The contestants are being given […]


Biggy237 is a talent driven show.


The initiative was initiated by a group of Cameroonians from the Northwest Region who pride themselves as “We Love Ndop”. Ndop is a small town in the Ngoketunjia region of the North West Region. A pilot project name “bigg broda Ndop” ran for about four months. It ended with the […]

How much was the application fee for Biggy237?


Most people anticipated Biggy237 will cost a fortune, like in other reality shows where a lump sum is charged. The public felt it will be same with Biggy237. But to their greatest surprise the application form was free of charge. Whether a fee will be charged for season two is […]

Official Media Partner.

biggy237 3

The answer to which channel will broadcast the show is here. Shout Out BT Media Group is in the building.It has blown, the speakers are on! Biggy237 is delighted and proud to announce its OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNERSHIP with BT Media Group. We are very excited to be working with BT […]

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