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The answer to which channel will broadcast the show is here.
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BT Media Group is in the building.It has blown, the speakers are on!
Biggy237 is delighted and proud to announce its OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNERSHIP with BT Media Group.

We are very excited to be working with BT Media Group.We truly believe this partnership will give y’all the opportunity to glue to your Tv screens 24/7 nationwide.
BT Media group is a broad casting and media production company located in Douala Cameroon.It is a revolutionary media platform that is dedicated to changing the way we consume local content in Cameroon.
There has been a major cry of Cameroonians not being able to consume their own Entertainment content and BT Media is acting as the bridge to solve that problem by creating quality TV channels that broadcast 75% quality Cameroonian contents
Besides the fact that they are providing these platforms for content to be accessible, they are promoting the local movie makers and content creators by buying Cameroonian movies, series for broadcasting and as well go as far as partaking in the production of these contents.
Get the best HD TV experience with BT Media Channels.
Sat: ABS-3A (3deg W)
Freq: 11069 MHZ
Sym22,500 MBS
Pol: Vertical

Biggy and BT media group pledge continued commitment to enabling the success of this initiative.

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